Our therapist will be able to assist you with Lower back pains, Sprains and Strains, Arthritis, Neck and shoulder pain, Sciatica, Neuritis, Migraine, Menstrual disorders, Constipation, Digestive disorders

Osteopathy is an effective form of manual medicine that is used to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. It provides a comprehensive approach to health and also uses its detailed knowledge of the body’s internal systems in order to aid recovery. An osteopathic assessment will identify any areas of weakness and instability that may be contributing to dysfunction in the body, and aims to treat it at its root cause.

Osteopathy will address the biomechanics of how your body works and correct any imbalance and misalignment with a non-invasive, hands on approach.

Many people consult an osteopath regarding spinal/joint pain, sports or exercise related injuries but, it can also help to treat headaches, nerve related problems arthritic conditions as well as many other skeletal disorders.


Massage is a mode of manual therapy that primarily works on the muscular system of the body. It is proven to be effective in treating tension that can arise from tight muscles and stiff joints, as well as symptoms associated with stress and anxiety.

It is a firm but effective way to reduce symptoms associated with sports injuries and postural related issues and it can also help facilitate circulation as well as support the integrity of skeletal system.